The World Must Stick to the Paris Agreement

Rising sea levels eroding large areas of landmasses and entire islands, that is the fate planet Earth faces as a result of global warming. With so much and more at stake due to widespread dependence on carbon-emitting fossil fuels, it is imperative that policy-makers, legislators and other decision-makers alike work together to curb the riskContinue reading “The World Must Stick to the Paris Agreement”

The Impact of Tanzania’s Plastic Ban Three Months On

  On June 1, 2019, a nation-wide ruling came into effect to ban the use, production and sale of plastic bags in Tanzania. With the risk of incurring a fine or facing a jail sentence, people around the country had to rapidly adapt to the situation that was initiated by the government. Plastic finds itContinue reading “The Impact of Tanzania’s Plastic Ban Three Months On”