500 Likes and 100 Follows Later

We received 500 likes and 100 follows on WordPress! Thank you to everyone who has liked our posts, followed us or even scrolled down our posts, your support means a lot! Everyone in Writers in the Family, Suleiman, Mahmoud, Sarah and Salma, thank you so much. We look to keep on growing. Look out forContinue reading “500 Likes and 100 Follows Later”

Pollution Stopping Dar es Salaam from Gaining Eco-city Status

Dirty air filled with exhaust fumes from motor vehicles and factories has become the norm in Dar es Salaam. It is in dire need of environmental management strategies, as pollution becomes a potent problem. This is especially poignant as Dar es Salaam is a very green city, with a lot of flora and vegetation aboutContinue reading “Pollution Stopping Dar es Salaam from Gaining Eco-city Status”

How a fully electronic payment system can aid tax-related legal compliance, transparency concerns and the general public

Tax avoidance may seem attractive to high-earners, but tax evasion is a problem for all. Imagine, for one moment, an individual earning millions of US dollars. That same individual may understate income to deceive and defraud officials, with the aim of paying less tax; also known as, tax evasion. There needs to be a systemContinue reading “How a fully electronic payment system can aid tax-related legal compliance, transparency concerns and the general public”

Best-selling Products in Developed Countries

Hi, are you an entrepreneur? If so, then you might want to get your hands on these best-selling products. The first is the best-selling products in the US, portable blenders; wireless phone chargers being the second. If you like these products, then click on the links below, buy and sell them in your own time.Continue reading “Best-selling Products in Developed Countries”

The Archeologist’s Secret is Out Now!

You can get a copy of The Archeologist’s Secret on Amazon now. It is also available in my new short story collection book, Four Very Different Short Stories. Get your copy now. It is priced at just over a dollar, for the eBook version. The short story collection is pricier, but worth it with threeContinue reading “The Archeologist’s Secret is Out Now!”

Free Book Promotion for Four Very Different Short Stories and Karen, the Misbehaved Girl

I am running a free book promotion for two of my books. The first one is my new shirt story collection Four Very Different Short Stories. I am also running a free book promotion for Karen, the Misbehaved Girl. I hope you can get your hands on them. You can find the books on Amazon.

Is Writing Block Real?

A professor, some of whose courses I took, once challenged the validity of mental blocks. That inspired this article and the question is writing block real? It is not just a question whether it exists, but whether popular conceptions that it cannot be overcome are true. This paper articulates the exact opposite. Writing block mayContinue reading “Is Writing Block Real?”