I’ve Combined My Short Stories into One Book Called Three Very Different Short Stories!

I, Mahmoud, have combined my short stories into one book. It’s called Three Very Different Short Stories. It will be available on Amazon, soon. Please look out for it. You can buy a copy and review it if you like, I would really appreciate any engagement. Here’s the cover:

Family Day, Available for Free on Kobo Books!

Family Day is available for free on Kobo books. You can get the book by simply clicking on the link below. I would really appreciate it if I could get some reviews as well. I would love to hear feedback, to improve my writing and know if I’m doing anything well. It’s great to getContinue reading “Family Day, Available for Free on Kobo Books!”

How Good Grammar Can Help Your Writing

Spelling and grammar are an important aspect of a lot of written works. They say the difference between an A- and a straight A could boil down to spelling and grammar. The more that I think about it, the more important grammar seems to be. Good grammar goes a long way in making your workContinue reading “How Good Grammar Can Help Your Writing”

In-depth Discussion on Reports and Insights into Characteristics of Report Writing

  INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND A lot of people need to write reports for different reasons. There are informative and analytical reports created in the fields of math, science, engineering and medicine and so on and so forth. When reports have obtained such a high-level of demand, is there a need to write a write aContinue reading “In-depth Discussion on Reports and Insights into Characteristics of Report Writing”

I’ve Been Published on the Citizen!

Hey, I just wanted to update all of you on something. Last month, two of my articles were published on the Citizen. The Citizen is a leading English newspaper, here in Tanzania. I’m really excited to be published. It’s a great feeling; here are pics of my articles: