The Impact of Tanzania’s Plastic Ban Three Months On

  On June 1, 2019, a nation-wide ruling came into effect to ban the use, production and sale of plastic bags in Tanzania. With the risk of incurring a fine or facing a jail sentence, people around the country had to rapidly adapt to the situation that was initiated by the government. Plastic finds itContinue reading “The Impact of Tanzania’s Plastic Ban Three Months On”

Free Book Promotion for Mersa’s Surge of Energy

I have a free book promotion going on for Mersa’s Surge of Energy. You can get a copy of the book, free of charge, for the next five days. Please get your copy and let me know what you think of the book. I would really appreciate any comments. The link can be found below:

I’ve Had My Third Article Published in a Newspaper!

This is just to update you that another article of mine, Mahmoud’s, was published in a newspaper. My article on Tanzania’s latest plastic ban was published on the Citizen. This newspaper is a leading English newspaper in Tanzania. I appreciate all the support I got in writing and publishing this work. Check out the 23rdContinue reading “I’ve Had My Third Article Published in a Newspaper!”

Print Books Vs. EBooks, which ones are better?

Books have been read by people for millennia. For the longest time, books only existed in physical form. With the invention of the printing press, they started to be mass produced. Nowadays, eBooks also exist. This gives readers options in the form of book they can read; the question is, which form is better? EBooksContinue reading “Print Books Vs. EBooks, which ones are better?”

Writing for Fun? Why Not Make A Career Out of It?

A lot of people have hobbies they enjoy doing. Painting, photographing and sports are pompously options. One of those hobbies could be writing. If you enjoy writing, then I have a proposal for you. You might like to make a career out of it. Writing is a great hobby to have. It is both funContinue reading “Writing for Fun? Why Not Make A Career Out of It?”

Free Book Giveaway in Exchange for Reviews

Hi everyone, I’m giving away free copies of my book in exchange for reviews. If you leave your email in the comments section, or send it to me, through our contacts system, I will send a copy of my book to you. Please then proceed to review Family Day and Karen, the Misbehaved Girl onContinue reading “Free Book Giveaway in Exchange for Reviews”

Best-selling Writers of All Time

I wanted to write something about the best-selling writers of all time. There are a lot of great writers out there, and many of them get noticed. These writers, like J.K. Rowling, Agatha Kristie and William Shakespeare, have sold hundred of millions of copies of their books. William Shakespeare and Agatha Kristie, in particular, haveContinue reading “Best-selling Writers of All Time”