How To Be a Good Student

What does it take to be a good student? Below is a how-to guide that will help anyone struggling with school or uni.

Focus on Quality

If you’re writing an essay, make sure it is well-written and well-structured. Does it have a introduction, body and conclusion? Is the argument presented coherently or circuralry (circular argumentation is a big no-no).

Focus on Quantatity

Also focus on the quantity of your work. Do you abide by the word limit? Depending on the instructor, you may be allowed to go 10% above or below the limit. Don’t bet on that though, because other instructor might stress word count to help better your writing. I had one professor ask us to do a 1,000 word essay, which was harder to do than a 2,000 or 1,500 one as you have to write succinctly.

Aim for Perfect Attendance

Perfect attendance dies not just give you brownie points. That too, but it also allows you to gain valuable knowledge straight from the teacher/professor.

Go the Extra Mile

Don’t just focus on meeting minimum requirements. You should strive to go above and beyond. Academics differ on many points, but one point they all value is effort

Do Your Readings

A Professor once told us, the class, that you should do two hours of reading for every hour of an undergrad, history course. Another professor then asked the class to read an article, and in the following ckass she asked us to discuss it. Imagine how foolish those who did not read felt. I know, because I was one of them.

Study For Exams

Make sure you are prepared to take exams by studying effectively. This point needs no further explanation.

Work Hard on Assignments and Projects

This goes hand and hand with the go the extra mil point. Take good art, for example. The numbr-one quality of an artist is not skill or talent, but hard work. A painting, drawing or sculpture dies not make itself. It takes work

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