Implications of Inter-connectivity in the Time of Coronavirus

What is inter-connectivity, one might ask. What are its implications? Firstly, economic potential is enhanced with access to global markets. Secondly, cultural exchanges and military partnerships increase at a worldly level. Finally, and most recently, threats to humankind are possibly intensified with close contact of people across continents. Inter-connectivity has been tested in the age of Coronavirus, but it is still mostly positive, progressive and beneficial. 

Inter-connectivity refers to the increasing time-space compression as a result of globalization. More and more people are in contact with each other than ever before. Technology has also advanced to make distances seemingly smaller and more surmountable. These include, but are not limited to, the inventions of the car, steam engine and plane. In the traditional world, crossing over large pieces of land was very rare.

In fact, the radius of someone’s entire existence could be measured in thirty-to-fifty miles. Nowadays, people are travelling across large distances. In recent times, there was even the first non-stop flight from the United Kingdom to Australia! How times have progressed. What does this mean for people, though?

First of all, economic potential is enhanced. Large volumes of trade are more possible these days. Also, entrepreneurs have greater access to global financial markets. Finally, labour, capital and land had become more connected, with the forces of capitalism shifting from local constraints to global promises.

Secondly, culture is being exchanged at higher rates. One may find mosques, kebab shops and sheesha bars in downtown London while also finding pubs, fish and chips restaurants and McDonalds in Dubai. There are also instances of greater joint military programmes between allies around the world. Take the military partnership of the United States and South Korea, for example. Times have changed, mostly for the better it seems.

There is a downside, however. The problem with inter-connectivity is the close contact of people in relation to the spread of disease. This has been proven evident by the global pandemic dominating headlines, the Coronavirus pandemic. Although the threat is great, public education efforts can safeguard against negative effects of globalization. This has also been shown to be the case with measures, such as public lockdowns, helping healthcare professionals deal with this pandemic. 

In conclusion, while not all great, inter-connectivity is a force that is largely positive. The economic potential of a smaller world is immense. Culture is rapidly being exchanged; military partnerships are also being formed. The sad reality of disease spread is the exception, and not the rule. Inter-connectivity should be embraced, despite a setback resulting from COVID-19. 

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