The Meaning of Life

I was once tasked to answer this question in a school debate. I didn’t do so well, saying that it had to do with assuming your intergenerational responsibility. I realize now I was talking about the circle of life. All the while, I should have focused on life fulfillment. The meaning of life is intrinsically linked with life fulfillment, and it is all about how full your life is and can be.

The opposite of full is empty. Empty means void of anything, but it is also a feeling. When you feel empty, you feel like your life has no meaning or purpose. Chronic feeling of emptiness is when you do not feel anything. The opposite of empty is full.

This leads me to think that a full life and feeling will be marked by meaning and purpose. This is why you simply cannot seperate life fulfillment from meaning in life. The two go hand in hand. I hope I answered the question.

What does it mean to have a full life? Basically, it is when one ticks the boxes in all aspects of life. These include relationships health, work, schooling, finances, etc. When one ticks all the boxes, they are leading a full life. That is when their life has meaning.

In conclusion, the meaning of life is synonymous with life fulfillment. When one feels their life is full is when that person has meaning. An emotional understanding of meaning is required to come to this answer. The fuller a life, the more meaning it has. Health, wealth and relationships are markers of life meaning and fulfillment.

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