Should Drugs be Treated like Medicine?

“Poison is in everything, and no thing is without poison. The dosage makes it either a poison or a remedy.” Paracelsus said that and, in doing so, captured the just of this argument. Drugs are dangerous in the sense that they cause a lot of damage and harm. Society’s experiment with drug use needs to end. The key is to treat drugs like medicine, and only use them when 1)they prove beneficial, 2) as prescribed or instructed and 3) not recreationally.

Drugs are poison! A lot of people may be put off by what seems to be an exagerative claim. Scare tactics have proven to have an opposite effect, rather than achieving widespread abstinence. It is important to note that while drugs might have a beneficial, if not medicinal, use in some cases, they are taken wrongly and in hazardous ways. Knowing things, like the correct side and not mixing drugs together, could be the difference between a healthy a diseasd person.

The dose used of a drug is very significant. The dose one uses could be the difference between life-betterment and fatality. That is why drugs should be used like medicine. They should only be prescribed or, in some cases, offered over thr counter. Users should take drugs at prescribed or instructed doses.

Published by Mahmoud Dualeh

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