How to Self-Publish a Book

Finding an agent, getting signed to a publisher and sitting back while watching them make your book successful is a thing of the past. Not really, but there is an alternative these days to traditional publishing. That is self-publishing. You can write, create and release your book all by yourself, with the help of some increasingly popular launching boards. The question is how to do it; self-publishing is all about good writing, editing and marketing of your book.

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First of all, in order to be a successful author you need to write a great book. Writing is a key component to being a writing success. Sounds obvious, but it is crucially significant that you release your best work. This involves following advice you may have picked up in writing and literature classes. It also involves good spelling, grammar and literary techniques.

Writing is not the only important aspect of self-publishing. You also have to edit your work. The difference between traditional publishing and self-publishing is that, although you earn more royalties usually with the latter, you also have to cover the costs of publishing your book when doing it on your own (even with the help of a self-publishing platform). The best solution is to hire an editor, if you can afford it. Drafting and re-writing your work, looking out for errors, is an alternative.

Finally, the brunt of marketing your book is placed firmly on your shoulders as a self-published author. Amazon, Facebook and Instagram, as well as other, ads and giveaways are a great option for you to explore. I tried good reads giveaways, and successfully giveaway 100 copies of my short story. More than 200 people requested it! While that’s not necessarily astronomical, it is a great start for future success.

The final¬† bit of advice is, if you are publishing from Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP, Amazon’s Self-publishing service), to opt in for expanded distribution when publishing your book. KDP is a great service and it allows you to make your book available for distributors to buy, in most cases. Schools, libraries and book stores buy their books from distributors, so, in signing up for expanded distribution, you give yourself the best chance of success. To sign up, you can tick the relevant box in the pricing page when launching your book. Please make sure to read all the set-up pages of KDP to find the expanded distribution option; there are only three pages to fill out.

In conclusion, self-publishing is doable activity; you simply have to write, edit and market your book. A lot of good advice is out there, such as creating a great cover, choosing the right keywords, etc. I believe that every writer can become a self-publishing success, hopefully this includes me ; ). Jokes aside, it is imperative that you put in the work to achieve your book’s full potential. Writing is fun and marketing is hard work. Those who work hard will enjoy good levels of returns and acclaim from self-publishing.


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