Pollution Stopping Dar es Salaam from Gaining Eco-city Status

Dirty air filled with exhaust fumes from motor vehicles and factories has become the norm in Dar es Salaam. It is in dire need of environmental management strategies, as pollution becomes a potent problem. This is especially poignant as Dar es Salaam is a very green city, with a lot of flora and vegetation about in the city. It is not green, however, in an eco-friendly sense, as they are too many environmental issues to deal with, i.e. air pollution, water pollution and waste management. With regard to air pollution, more work needs to be done to outlaw failing cars and buses as well as ensure that factories embrace environmentally-friendly policies.

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Air pollution is a serious problem. Old cars that are primarily used flood the streets. In peak traffic, the outpouring of exhaust smoke is not only noticeable but also growingly damaging to the health of city inhabitants. That is not to mention the state of the environment that humans and other organisms depend on. To say that the air pollution issue calls for attention is an understatement; the issue is in dire need of solving.

Water pollution is another related issue. A lot of the water sources in the city are easily exposed to the open sewage system running. People are best advised to stay clear of these water waste products, but, alas, issues dealing with human security has made the securitization of water a crisis in of itself. People need water to drink, and, in this part of the world and elsewhere, not all of that water is clean. The health and environmental issues caused by dirty water are vast and far-reaching, to say the least.

It is important to state to people who have not visited this great country and continent that much of Sub-Saharan Africa is very green. It used to be even greener, with the effects of desertification causing a growth in the Sahara. A picture of the growth of the desert throughout the ages shows how expansive and affecting environmental issues can be. Deforestation leading to pollution can cause desertification, which shows that not only is pollution a problem in its own right, but its causal factors also result in other issues in need of addressing. This all goes to show that there are is a vast network of environmental issues plaguing the city.

A lot of individuals have expressed the sentiment that environmental issues are just hoaxes and our consumption of fossil fuels is not threatening to our survival. While not all environmentalists are doomsayers, it is important to note that these issues pose a real and imminent threat. The world’s atmosphere is made up of 21% Oxygen, 78% Nitrogen, 0.3% Carbon and the remaining 0.7% are trace gases. This has not always been the case the atmosphere in the world’s distant past was mostly ammonium and methane. This proves that atmospheres can change and, sadly, it shows how vulnerable humans are as people need oxygen to breathe, carbon to remain relatively low and other needs that have not been mentioned.

Without the pollution staining the image of the city, Dar es Salaam might coincidentally be known as an eco-city. Trees decorate Dar’s landscape, making it very beautiful to behold. The seas on one side of and buildings scattered across the city can turn the city into a leading global metropolis. Effective environmental management is a must, in order to realize this dream. An unhealthy and polluted environment will stand in the way of Dar es Salaam gaining eco-city status.

In conclusion, pollution is a serious issue in need of solving. Dar es Salaam is plagued by both air and water pollution. Used cars and other forms of carbon-emitting factors are what cause the serious issue of air pollution. Desertification is a related issue, as deforestation causes both it and pollution. With all that being said and done, it has now come to the time to take action to clean not just the city streets, but also its lungs and the air we breathe.

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