Intelligence is Fluid

The static nature of intelligence is something that may be perceived by many in society. We all have an IQ and that is how it is, for life. I plan on challenging this notion. Intelligence is not such a rigid thing. This essay explores the fluidity of intelligence.

Firstly, children are the picture example of how IQs can change. Have you ever done an IQ test when you were younger? Did you take another test as an adult? We’re the scores the same? Differences in scores in individuals as children and adults could point to how IQ changes.

Furthermore, you can take two separate IQ tests, one after the other, and get different scores. That is because there are factors which influence your score. This factors include speed, distractions and whatnot. This does not prove that your intelligence has changed. It just shows that the measures are also fluid.

Just like your IQ can go up, it can also go down. Drug use and other problems can affect your intelligence, detrimentally. This may or may not have proven, but there are suggestions that drugs like marijuana can lower IQ. This may not be the most welcoming reality, but it shows that IQs are fluid. Let’s hope the change is positive for all of us.

In conclusion, intelligence of individuals can change. It may not be as static as commonly perceived. You can get different scores as a child and an adults. Heck, you can get different scores in the same day. Your score can go up and down. What’s more, this is something which can be proven with more research.

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2 thoughts on “Intelligence is Fluid

    1. I’m happy you shared your doubts. While I’m no expert, I would say there is some truth that a lot of the effects of drugs are short term. However, while you can recover, these sites say that marijana can affect your memory and intelligence past an acute phase. Again, I do not know if these are facts, but learning about the effects of drugs has opened my eyes into a new way of seeing good lifestyle-related choices. Here are the sites:


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