Is Writing Block Real?

A professor, some of whose courses I took, once challenged the validity of mental blocks. That inspired this article and the question is writing block real? It is not just a question whether it exists, but whether popular conceptions that it cannot be overcome are true. This paper articulates the exact opposite. Writing block may or may not be real, but it is most certainly overcomeable.

First of all, is writing block real? What is it? Writing block is the challenges faced by writers when there minds go blank and they cannot write. While this may not be problematic for a select few, a lot of professions depend on writing as a practise. Imagine choosing to be an author as your chosing career and not being able to write.

Whether it is real or not, the more important questions is are conceptions about writing block true? Can we overcome it? The answer I give is an unequivocal yes. There is nothing we cannot overcome, not least or especially writing block. Getting into a good writing habit may be difficult, but it is achievable; how else can you expand the vast and growing number of publications around the world.

The falsity that writing block is to difficult to control proves problematic. Too much time is wasted thinking one cannot write because of this so-called writing block problem. It is just a belief, holding no weight as a truth. If people believed they could write, whenever they wanted, imagine how much more output would be produced. The results could be staggering.

In conclusion, whether writing block is real or not is not important. The significant point is that it is overcomable. How else would the output of written works be explained? If people believed this, they could write even more. Here is to hoping we get past the writers’ block delusion.

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