New Weight Loss Initiative!

For those who know me, I have struggled with my weight for many years. I actually manage to lose 70 kilos once and came down to a respectable weight of 100 kilos. It was still too high, but I was proud of my achievement. Due to many circumstances, I have since gained back around 40 kilos. It’s been a painful process, but I want to get back at my weight loss efforts with a new initiative. Here’s what I’m learning along the way.

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First of all, sleep is vital for weight loss. My sleep has recently improved and every time I feel well-rested, I lose some weight. Weight loss used to come easy to me, but not anymore. Due to issues such as poor sleep, I found myself eating too many meals with too big portions. Managing to get good sleep is a must to ensure you can exercise and watch what you eat.

Of all the things which help you lose weight, the simple ones are what helps the most. That’s right, there is no better way to lose weight than to simply diet and exercise. Dieting involves watching what and how much you eat. Exercise is pretty straightforward, at first thought. However, the amount of time you exercise and the intensity of your exercise can complicate matters.

Finally, getting help is a great way to lose weight. You might have issues with stress and emotional problems that you need to deal with in order to change your lifestyle. Perhaps, you may have started taking medicines with weight gain as a side effect. A trip to a nutritionist, personal trainer and/or doctor can help structure your efforts and give you a plan to ensure results. The steps you take today can help you reach a better outcome tomorrow.

In conclusion, I wanted to share what I have learned about weight loss. Sleep is essential to weight loss efforts. So too are diet and exercise. It is important to know how to go about doing these things and to get help, if necessary. Finally, you should know that weight loss is achievable and your efforts will not be in vain.

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