50 Ways to Feel Great Sober

A lot famous artists have sung about the pains of getting sober, including Demi Lovato’s honest and expressive take, Kelly Clarkson’s powerful and impactful version as well as Pink’s inspirations and chilling rendition on/of songs, all titled Sober. It is pretty clear that a lot of people are familiar with the works of Pink. She has a lot of big hits, including So What, Just Give Me A Reason and Raise Your Glass. Being a concert-filling, highly talented and commercially successful artist must have its perks, but she also possesses a lot in way of influence as well. The meaningful lyrics and subject matter of her songs has come to influence the lives of millions of people. This article deals with one such song. 


As previously mentioned, one of her other hits is a song called Sober, which provides inspiration for this article. It can be interpreted that Sober deals with how hard it is to give up drugs, or even imagine a life without drugs. In the song, Pink sings, “I’m safe, up high, nothing can’t touch me, but why do I feel this party’s over, no pain, inside, you’re like perfection, but how do I feel this good sober?” On what ends on a somber, thought-provoking note, Pink poses the question a lot of drug-takers may want to know the answer to. This article aims to answer that question by providing 50 ways to feel great sober.


Below is the list of 50 ways to enjoy being sober:


  1. Starting at number one, exercise is a great way of releasing endorphins and feeling great without taking any substances.
  2. Following up on that note, playing sports is another way of getting a life ‘high’, which is natural and healthy. Sports like football, tennis and American football all are great ways of getting blood flowing and lifting moods. 
  3. Joining a martial arts class can also enhance a day, and provide a great boost that is practically risk-free.
  4. Hiking is an activity that has grown in popularity recently. It is also a method of feeling great while staying sober.
  5. There are many events held all around the world. Attending such an event, like a book promotion, marathon or market sale, can be a way to bring up how one feels in a day. 
  6. Watching movies also provides a necessary boost to a day. This can be done be sitting back, unwinding and taking in a high-quality picture (more on unwinding later). 
  7. Music provides a great way to replenish energy and nourish the listener. Make sure to listen intently, although. 
  8. Another listening exercise that makes people feel great is listening to a nice podcast. The subject matter should be positive.
  9. Documentaries can also provide a much-needed break, but they should also be positive. 
  10. While a lot of people waste time and damage their bodies abusing substances or doing other unhealthy activities, one can engage in a healthy and rewarding activity by reading. 
  11. Rather than beating around the bush, as is the case with other activities in this list, one can relax by doing some deep-breathing. This is an important tool to learn in stress-management and addiction recovery. 
  12. Another way to relax, and exercise at the same time, is to practice yoga. Yoga helps build strength, and is a great release of stress and life worries.
  13. Meditation is a spiritual practice, but it is having a major impact on people of different faiths. This activity helps center people, and alleviates pressures of the day. 
  14. One of the most beneficial ways to enrich your soul is to pray. In different faith bases, prayer features as a way to connect with God. It is also a method to be more  centered. 
  15. A fun and wonderful physical activity is dancing. This does wonders for health, mood and physicality. They do not call it a dancer’s body for nothing.
  16. Walking is a relatively easy way to boost endorphins. It can be done on a treadmill, on route to a local cafe or just around the block.
  17. Board games provide a nice way to connect with others, but also to feel great. It does not involve any substances, and it helps stretch the mind of the player. 
  18. Speaking of cafes, enjoying some time in a cafe with friends or by one’s self is a great way to have fun healthily. Make sure to avoid caffeinated drinks, though, that does not help the cause of staying sober.
  19. Going to a restaurant is another way of spending quality time with others. Try to stick to healthy food and drink options, as many restaurants serve alcohol and unhealthy foods which are counterproductive to the goal of staying sober.
  20. A traditional night out which is still going strong in today’s world is seeing a play. That provides a lot of happiness to many people without the problems associated with drugs and alcohol. 
  21. Watching movies at home is great, but going out to catch a flick is also nice. Going to the cinema is a great way to watch movies and enjoy one’s self. It also provides a much-needed release from daily stresses and a boost to energy. 
  22. An extreme way to getting a life ‘high’ is to go skydiving. This may not be for everyone, but, fear not, there are other ways to feel great sober. 
  23. A lot of people enjoy driving, which could be a way of occupying time without taking drugs or drinking alcohol. 
  24. Those who cannot drive yet or do not have a license might try quad-driving instead. This is another fun activity which is, virtually, free of any health risks. 
  25. Another activity, which a lot of drug-takers and alcohol addicts may have given up, or forgotten about altogether, is swimming. 
  26. Not too different from swimming, one can go snorkeling or scuba-diving to enjoy the wonders of the world’s seas and oceans. 
  27. Traveling is a very enjoyable practice, which is becoming quite the past-time for many cultural enthusiasts. While a lot of people center their trips on boozing or indulging in their host country’s most popular drug, that is not necessary. Completely sober trips are not only a great time, but one might find that they accomplish and see more while remaining sober, as opposed to what they would have accomplished if they spent their time abusing substances. 
  28. Spending time with friends and family is also a way to feel great while maintaining good health. Not only does it protect the practitioner from health risks, it also has benefits, and is an integral part of life .
  29. Like exercise and martial arts, boxing, or kickboxing, is a great way to learn a new skill while engaging in a hobby. It also does not involve any drugs or alcohol.
  30. For the more artistic-type, drawing is a rewarding activity that helps the drawer feel a sense of achievement, once she or he completes an art project. Artistic talent is not necessary to draw, and one can find that they only discover a hidden talent once they give the art form a go. 
  31. Painting is similar to drawing, in the sense that it is a rewarding, fulfilling activity. 
  32. For those who are really ambitious, they can try their hands at sculpting. 
  33. While there is arts, there is also crafts. A craft project can help someone occupy their time and stay abstinent. 
  34. A peaceful activity that many enjoy is that of gardening. This is a very engaging activity, and an important skill which may impress a lot of people, including employers. 
  35. In more general terms, one can pursue the completion of a project, whether that be a construction project, organising an event or even a wedding project. Helping out in a project is a great way to accomplish something while staying sober. 
  36. On that subject, helping out a friend, family or community member is a good aid to addiction recovery while embodying good values. 
  37. Helping those around is admirable, but one cannot also help out by donating to a cause. There are many non-governmental, international non-governmental and charitable organizations that are there to advance societal, humanitarian and other goals for a lot of people. Donating to them can help you feel good, contribute to a solution and potentially save lives. 
  38. Rather than just donating money, one can also give their time to a cause. By volunteering, a lot can be achieved to help others, but also help yourself lead a normal, healthy and successful life. 
  39. If time is short, then people can help out by making certain choices. They can do so by, for example, choosing to purchase locally-produced goods or doing their shopping in local shops and stores. This is a good way of helping out in a community and being a good communitarian and citizen. 
  40. A more direct way of helping out a community is to go to the local community center. Donating time to an activity organized by the community centre, or donating directly to it, is good for the community and for the donor as well. 
  41. A highly-enjoyable activity is that of camping. Camping has ways of benefiting people since it, usually, involves a lot of physical activity. It can also be a wonderful bonding experience for all those involved. 
  42. Like hiking and camping, trekking is another activity where individuals cross large amounts of natural terrain. This is a recommended form of exercise and a decent way to feel great sober.
  43. On another more general note, trying something new or picking up a hobby is exciting and provides a fantastic learning opportunity for all those who choose to do so. A lot of things one tries, or hobbies one starts, are, for all intents and purposes, healthy and pleasurable. Hobbies include biking, roller-blading and writing. 
  44. While all parts of the world have been discovered by individuals and groups of individuals, not all parts of the world have been ‘discovered’ by everyone. Adventuring is a way to come in contact of new frontiers in life, and could be a very meaningful experience, especially when done with a friend or other close person. 
  45. An extreme way to get a high is to bungee-jump. This, again, may not be for everyone, but it will undoubtedly provide a rush. 
  46. An activity which has grown almost exponentially with the wide-reach of smartphones and the effects of social media, photography is a great way of engaging in an artistic activity while staying clear of drugs and alcohol. 
  47. It is known that sharing is caring, but sharing is also beneficial to the sharer and not just its recipients. It goes to show that doing good helps others and also the do-gooder. 
  48. A social activity could be expanding your network by meeting people and making friends. Putting one’s self out there may lead to some rejection, but it is generally an uplifting activity. 
  49. Bonding with old and new friends, as well as other loved ones, is also a nice way to do well while growing and developing. One of the reasons people start experimenting with drugs and alcohol is because they cannot bond with those around them. This activity, therefore, kills two birds with one stone considering it helps someone relish in positive feelings while also preventing future drug and/or alcohol use. 
  50. The final way to feel great sober, on this list, is to engage in another exhilarating activity; namely, paragliding. Paragliding is an activity a lot of people seem to like, and it does not have anywhere near the number of costs that drugs and alcohol have. 


As should have been made obvious, there are many ways to feel wonderful while not taking drugs or drinking alcohol. Substances are not necessary to feel good, as is proven by the above list of 50 ways to feel great sober. This is by no means a completely exhaustive list, but it goes to show that there are things to enjoy while looking after one’s health. By seeing to being healthy, individuals are taking care of themselves in more ways than one. Life is too precious to throw it away on substances, and there is no need to when it is possible to feel great perfectly sober.

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2 thoughts on “50 Ways to Feel Great Sober

  1. Great list! I would add ‘laughter’ to it. A good belly laugh always brings on a natural high. My current personal ‘fix’ is Laurel and Hardy clips on YouTube.
    You have a really inspiring blog here, and I look forward to reading more. Thanks for following mine! 🙂

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