How to sell your book

I’m enjoying my best sales period since I self-published my books. I haven’t sold a thousand copies yet, but I’m etching my way up the rankings. For that reason, I wanted to share what I did to sell my books. First and foremost, my major selling route are advertisements. I also try to follow other bloggers advice by building an online presence.

Ads are great! They get you noticed instead of lost in a sea of releases. The downside to ads is that they cost money. If you are using Amazon, then you pay an agreed amount every time someone clicks your ad. My strategy is to use ads until word of mouth sets in and I generate organic sales.

Having an online presence is also important. If you just published a book and have a lot of followers, then you should share it with them. Even if you have only a few followers, there’s a chance that some of them might buy your book and give you a review. That should drive up your total sales. Don’t overdo self-promotion, though

Speaking of self-promotion, it can help to do it a little. There is such thing as doing it too much, though. If you engage too much in it, then you run the risk of driving people away from you. It’s best to use the Goldilock’s principle here. Use self-promotion sparingly.

In conclusion, there are many ways to sell your books. Ads are a great place to start. Having an online presence also helps. Don’t self-promotion too much. Finally, if all else fails, just keep at it.

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