Our Blog was Nominated for The Liebster Award!

A Little Haze Book Blog has nominated our blog, Writers in the Family, for the Liebster Award. First of all, I want to say that you so much to a Little Haze Book Club for nominating us, thank you. The rules of the award are that you have to a) thank your nominator (naturally), b) answer their 11 questions, c) nominate 11 people and d) ask them 11 questions. I did the first part. Now, I’m going to answer the 11 questions.


  • If you had the power to talk to and be understood by any animal, what animal would you choose and why?
    • This is a hard one. I would choose to talk to a fox or elephant, because they are clever and have long memories, respectively.
  • If you could spend a year living in another country where would you choose and why?
    • I would live in Spain because it is sunny, developed and the Spanish people have a great culture. I also like the UK.
  • Would you rather be the best player on a terrible team or the worst player on a great team?
    • I would choose to be the worst player in a great team. You could win a lot in a great team and you would be surrounded by great players. That means you would not necessarily be bad, it’s just that all the other players are better than you.
  • Is a hot dog a sandwich? Explain your reasoning.
    • Technically, it is because it is a piece of bread with an appropriate filling in it. I don’t think it lives up to the spirit of a sandwich, though. Sandwiches usually have sliced or cut-up meat or other fillings in it. A hot dog has one big sausage in it, so I would say no.
  • Do you like to read the book before you watch its film adaptation?
    • Yes, I definitely do. I have that conundrum going on now because I want to watch Inferno, but I choose to read the book by Dan Brown first.
  • What is your all time favourite TV show?
    • I like Game of Thrones, but Bodyguard and 13 Reasons Why, as well as suits, are not-so-distant seconds.
  • Do you have any special or unusual talents?
    • I learned how to do a bit of plate-spinning when I was a kid. That’s pretty unusual and different.
  • What strange food combinations do you enjoy? (Mine is scallions in milky tea… yes I know it is weird!!)
    • I like eggs and ketchup. It sounds gross but tastes pretty nice.
  • If they were making a film of your life who would you like to cast as yourself?
    • Donald Glover would be great for me.
  • What would you do if you were invisible for a day?
    • I would retreat to a sanctuary and feel at peace with my surroundings. I would also probably study nature if I had the chance.
  • What three books would you recommend that everyone read?
    • I would recommend The Catcher in the Rye, Animal Farm and Angela’s Ashes.

I answered the 11 questions, so I’m going to ask my 11 questions now. First, I choose to nominate the following 11 blogs:

The Geekish Brunette

Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha


Book Jotter

The Alchemist’s Studio

Myths of the Mirror


words and music and stories

Renard’s World

Health and Fitness


Congratulations, my 11 questions for all of you are:

  1. What inspired you to start a blog?
  2. Who are your favourite authors and why?
  3. If you could re-live a day in your life, what day would that be?
  4. Who are your favourite literary characters?
  5. What are your favourtie kind of blogs, in terms of genre?
  6. What do you like to do the most in your spare time?
  7. What city would you most want to live in?
  8. Which decade or century would you visit if you could travel through time?
  9. What is your favourite food item and why?
  10. Who inspires you in your personal life and why?
  11. What is your most cherished book that was adapted into a film?

There you have my questions. I hope you enjoy this process and that you do well in the selection process.

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Published by Mahmoud Dualeh

We are a family of bloggers, blogging on blogging, writing, publishing and book marketing, as well as our random opinions on health, world affairs and current topics.

2 thoughts on “Our Blog was Nominated for The Liebster Award!

  1. Thanks so much for the nomination, Mahmoud. I’m honored. And I enjoyed your answers. I also like to read a book before watching a film adaptation, and I also liked Game of Thrones. 🙂 Great book choices too. Thanks again and have a great day!

    Liked by 1 person

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