Do Not Be Afraid To Share When Writing

You may have some interesting stories to tell. The best place to share them is through your written works. There is no point keeping your best stories to yourself, especially if you want to be a writer. I find the best books I read are the ones with personal touches. That all goes to say that when you write you should share.

I.K. Rowling is famed for writing the Harry Potter series. She also shared a lot of her personal struggles in those books. The dementors were meant to represent her bout with intense sadness. Even the professors were modeled after her teachers. If J.K. Rowling shares her deepest, darkest secrets in her books, so should all of us.

Of course, there might be some things you are not comfortable sharing. That’s okay. You do not need to share things you are not sure you want others to know. It is perfectly possible to be a successful writer with a private life. That does not mean you will not find something you want to express.

There will definitely be material that you will not mind sharing. These tidbits will make great contributions to your work. You might have a funny anecdote to tell your readers. You may have even experienced something really insightful. Whatever it is, make sure to incorporate it to your story, some way.

In conclusion, you should share what you have experienced. This statement stands as a rule. There are exceptions to this rule, however. You should abstain from sharing something you are not comfortable with. Chances are, you will find something you want to share that will add to the quality of your book.

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