Pick Your Genre and Your Story Will Write Itself

Alright, that’s not really true, literally-speaking. The title does hold some figurative weight, though. Genres hold common themes, story lines and bits of knowledge. By choosing a genre, you can utilize the well-trodden paths of previous writers. That is to say, there is a lot already written that can prove useful to you as a writer in the category.

Take fantasy books, for example. If you choose to write a fantasy novel, you can write about werewolves, vampires and fairies, among other fantastical beings. You can write about all three, as far as that is concerned! By choosing a genre, a lot of your book is written already. Picking the right genre matters, though.

Let us say you want to write something about the future. Sciences Fiction would be an appropriate genre, in this case. Historical Romances might not be suitable. That is not to say you cannot experiment. On the contrary, doing something new and novel might make you a pioneer. That allows you to standout, by default, as others will take notice and might follow your lead.

Suspense is another popular genre, which many authors have had success with. The description of a suspense novel already has a focus. The author would want to quicken the plot to make pulses also quicken. What you write will be largely be dictated by the genre you choose. A problem this poses is that your writing might be restrictive.

In conclusion, choosing a genre allows an author the chance for his or her novel to write itself. Choosing to write a fantasy novel gives you access to a host of mythical characters. It is important to chose an appropriate genre. Suspense is another popular pick. All in all, a genre is a powerful tool for writers.

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2 thoughts on “Pick Your Genre and Your Story Will Write Itself

  1. Knowing one’s genre does provide guidelines when writing, but, by no means, allows one’s novel “to write itself.” My debut novel is a blend of traditional literature and historical fiction, requiring a year of in-depth historical research.

    Thanks for the follow 🙂


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