Amazon Fires Bring the Environment to the Fore of Policy

Fires rage in the Amazon and the world waits for policy-makers to act. This year saw the most fires occur in the Amazon, according to the BBC. The issue is said to have been caused by logging practices in the rainforest. French President Emmanuel Macron has been very vocal about the matter, stressing that the Amazon is a vital part of global human security. People depend on the Amazon as it produces 20% of the planet’s oxygen. Yet, there remains the issue as to what approach should states take to solve the problem of forest fires, and other environmental issues.

The environment is in turmoil. It has rightfully taken center-stage in the media as well as in international conferences. The Paris Agreement was set to solve the problem of global warming. As the planet heats up and the Trump-led initiative to withdraw from the agreement lures in the horizon, the state of international environmental policy remains shaky. However, it is the time for a successful approach to solve planetary, cross-boundary issues, such as deforestation, water scarcity and climate change. The fate of humanity’s survival lies in the balance.

While talking policy can be an arbitrary practice, it is important to discuss a comprehensible course of action that steers the planet away from catastrophe. In order to do so, a closer look of the problems humans and other organisms face proves appropriate. Global warming is said to be caused by carbon emissions. Deforestation, on the other hand, stems from the overexertion of Earth’s trees for paper and other production purposes. Other issues have their own causes and need to be analyzed sufficiently.

Causes of environmental problems are well-known, but proposed solutions have also been widely circulated. Governments have been called to pass laws and implement policies that bring about the reduction of carbon emissions. A shift to renewable energy sources should make less carbon-dependence a reality. At the same time, recycling used materials, for example, will solve the issue of landfills and waste eroding ecosystems. Whatever the solution, it has become vital that the world acts in favor of lasting solutions to avoid catastrophe. 

Policies and laws are needed to solve environmental issues. The Amazon fires has put the environment back in the spotlight, as governments question appropriate action. Environmental issues have causes, which are important to identify in their analysis. Solutions are also present, begging the question what else is needed to bring and end to environmental crises. In a time where humankind’s survival is being challenged by its practices, the time to act and change is now.

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