How Picking a Theme Helps Your Writing

Have you ever wanted to write a story but have not figured out what it is all about? You are probably not alone. It is possible to draw a blank when it comes to the theme of your work. In these cases, it is important to know the options you have. Whether you are writing a good versus evil book or a coming of age story, you should know and pick your theme so as to help you better structure your work.

One of the most common themes is a good versus evil one. This is profoundly used in the Harry Potter series. A young person faces off against a dark wizard is basically the pretense of the story. In these types of books, you find that there is a good protagonist and an evil antagonist. The resolution is usually the good character triumphing someway against his or her evil counterpart.

Another common theme is that of a coming of age story. In these stories, someone finds themselves in need of a lot of growth. The Catcher in the Rye is an example of this type of work. Spoiler alert, the main character finds himself flunking another school only to go on an adventure and realize his big dream was impractical, when he shared it with his sister. He ends up returning to school after all.

There are a lot of other themes to be utilized, like love, death and prejudice. Whatever theme you pick, it can help shape your plot and your work’s progression. Make sure to stick to it though. You do not want to switch themes and confuse your reader. Having said that, E.E. Cummings was famous for his literary experimentation. Whether you choose to experiment or not, mastering theme usage will prove significant to your growth as a writer.

In conclusion, themes exists to be deployed by people. A good versus evil is one where there is a good protagonist and an evil adversary, or antagonist. Coming of age stories focus on growth as the main story element. Finally, there are many other themes to be used by writers. Themes are great, they will shape your work and make it more structured.

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