Jumping healthy living hurdles

When pursuing a successful lifestyle change it can be frustrating to come across challenges that hinder your progress or demotivate you. I found a few patterns that have risen with me during my weight loss(es) and will share them with you as well as the ways I overcome them!

The first thing I used to partake in was emotional eating. I had an ingrained habit which led me to eat when I was emotional and another habit at one point where I would consistently eat at night. To overcome these habits took a lot of discipline and to reprogram my feelings of reward to be associated with my progress rather than to make myself feel better after an emotional moment or day. I do have treats but never in excess of my calories available to me that day. This reprogramming of your mental reward circuit is very possible; I worked on building my self esteem, discipline (via my everyday habits and goals) as well as finding healthy ways to process my emotions.

Secondly, as you embark on a calorie restriction diet or any diet and fitness change you should put some effort into noting the calories and noting your general well-being at different stages of your journey. In my case, I was doing really well during the first few weeks with about a kilo lost per week and feeling more and more energetic after doing hiit workouts. I found my energy and concentration sharply dive after about a month of starting my workouts. I realised, by the end of a very tiring week, this was due to switching my coffees to black and green teas to cut out extra dairy and sugar during the day (which was very effective for my weight loss but had me feeling tired and miserable). I realised that my current diet was very low in calcium and since then have regained most of my energy after one milkshake and a few cups of tea(I gave myself two days of small treats). I will be adding more leafy vegetables and dairy as a long term option and keep an eye on my fitness pal daily nutrients intake to ensure I’m having a well balanced diet. A point I’d like to add; you dont need to rely on multivitamins to fulfill you nutrients intake. Rather, your diet, if moderately healthy and balanced, will give you the nutrients you need! Always do your research when looking into vitamins and supplements.

My advice is to listen to what your body needs and note any hindrances to your weight-loss or health journey; To solve these, keep a food diary & mood journal to review and seek support on fitness & weight loss blogs.

Thank you for reading!

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Journey towards healthy living.

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