Write Your Heart Out, How Sharing Improves Your Art

A lot of people have funny jokes, interesting stories and great anecdotes. However, when it comes to writing a piece, a lot of the same people draw a blank. A professor, many of whose courses I took in university, said he does not believe in writers’ block. He said people were just making it up and such a condition does not exist. I’m inclined to believe him, because when you set out to share all of what you have learnt, there is no way you will come out short in the creativity department.

What do I mean by sharing? Sharing thoughts are great. At the same time, you want to present your best work to your readers. So when teachers say pay attention to grammar, write three-part paragraphs and other pieces of advice, do it! Do what you have been advised to and that will structure your work in a way where you can keep on writing

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