Going the Extra Mile and How Pushing Yourself can Help You Grow

Whether working on school assignments, a task in work or on your new fitness initiative, going the extra mile can help you gain better results. This mind-set involves going above and beyond. Doing the bare minimum is a thought process, which is tossed in the bin while pushing yourself. It is important to note that your limits are only yesterday’s constraints. If you are feeling like you are not trying hard, then you can always do more.

It is also crucial to be happy with your success. Perfectionism and obsessing over results is unhealthy in large doses. If you are trying your best and doing well, then be happy with what you have accomplished and maybe try harder tomorrow. This type of positivity will ensure that you not only succeed, but that you can relish in your triumphs. Anything less, and your doing yourself an injustice.

Pushing yourself involves testing your limits. For example, you want to be in form while exercising and to continue even after you feel pain and a burning sensation. You also want to work hard at school and in work. Going for your dream by actually working towards them is the ideal. Actually reaching your dreams is the goal.

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