Good Versus Bad Writing

Writing is a practice which dates back to the start of civilization. In fact, one of the defining things which made Mesopotamia a civilization, the first of its kind, was the invention of writing. This is one of the things that differentiates hunter-gatherer societies from today’s societies. Why, though, do people still produce poor works when practicing this important cultural characteristic? It may be because they do not know the difference between good and bad writing.

Good writing is fun, lively and, most importantly, exciting. It is what makes you want to read more, never put down a book and interested in knowing how a work ends. Good writing follow important literary techniques, but it also sets its own. E.E. Cummings famously defined his own punctuation rules. Other authors may combine genres in a way that is innovative, write about something new or even share ingenious inventions through written works.

Bad writing, in many ways, is the opposite. Toby Litt, of the guardian, says that bad writing is boring. Writing that confuses, is illogical or bores the reader is generally bad. You should avoid this style and opt to write more enticing pieces. Aiming to excite can turn bad writing into good writing.

In conclusion, good and bad writing are not just different; they are polar opposites. Good writing is exciting. At the same time, bad writing bores the reader. You should be wearer of being illogical and writing in a confused manner also. All in all, perfecting you art should make you a better writer, and writing well is what good writing is all about.

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