Character Development and Descriptive Writing

Two interesting aspects of literature are character development and descriptive writing.

Beginning with character development, characters in written works do not have the advantage of visual representation. You cannot meet them in order to learn more about them. For that reason, one must introduce their characters, and build them throughout the text, using words. This is where character development comes into play. Character traits, nuisances and other quirks are shared so that the reader could get to know them.

Describing different features of your story, such as a room setting, plot twist or an interesting exchange, can really boost your book’s quality. It also can improve your word count. When writing short stories, you have to be succinct and to the point. Book writing is different, as having to write many pages makes for written expansion to be necessary. Basically, you need to write more in order to fill the word count; describing things is perfect for that.

Characters are more than just one-dimensional in good writing, and descriptive writing is more than just an adequate writing aspect. Both literary techniques have their benefits and the reasons for their uses. Descriptiveness is a significant way of sharing story parts and bolstering your word count. Character development involves sharing different traits of your characters, to help the reader get to know them. Both aspects should be and is utilized by good writers.

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